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Running Links: If we mention a web site on the air, we'll post a link on this page.

The 1/2 Hour Show
Longtime RL friend, Chris Dolciato, has a very unique TV show. Congratulations on recently hitting the 100th episode mark!

Acoustic Avenues
Locally produced small venue performances. A great way to see a show. Todd's 2003 interview with Lowen & Navarro was recorded at one of these performances.

Acoustic Cafe
Each week Acoustic Cafe host Rob Rienhart brings you fantastic new, unreleased or forgotten tracks. Most, if not all in an acoustic format - plus amazing in-studio performances. Show playlists and download-able archives can be found here.

Ain't It Cool News
Harry Knowles is a movie fan who has many spies in Hollywood.
The spies provide his web site with great news about movies.
He covers scripts, casting, pre-production, production,
post-production, test screenings, marketing, and the
release of the films. He also has TV news.
Harry's spies have the info long before the traditional media.

AMG (All Music Guide and All Movie Guide)
This web site is incredible! AMG is an ongoing project to review and rate all music (whether in-print CDs or out-of-print on vinyl) and list (and rate) all feature movies and provide their credits and related information. The goal is to achieve a concensus by expert music/film free-lance writers as to the best music and movies. It's a great place to find a discography. Plus, they've added a great section on video games!

Live From The Artist Den
Sometimes great music is only made better by great spaces to play in. This terrific PBS program captures unique performances in such great venues. Reruns are available on Hulu.

Did you know you can rearrange the letters in Running Late
to spell Triangle Nun, Regal Nut Inn, and Large Tin Nun?
Try running your name through the online anagram generator.

Austin City Limits
The web site companion to the award winning TV program.
Find out who's performing and when on TV, and also who's coming to the yearly ACL Festival in Austin Tx.

Apple Computer
Macs are used to maintain the Running Late web site.
Todd had an orange, then a green original iMac, now he and Mike both are fans of the G4 (and up!) IBook (s)....

BBC America
The guys across the pond have a very funny cable channel.

Billboard Magazine
The bible of the radio and music industry.

Ohio's largest ski resort has more than great slopes.
Visit year-round for concerts, wine tastings, art festivals, and more!

Blackwater's Official Web Site
Brian's friend, Blackwater, is a big-time pro wrestler! GRRRRR!

Progressive radio from over Lake Erie - relaunched September 4th, 2006.
an early inspiration for Running Late

Cleveland Cinematheque
A favorite of ours at RL ever since it was the only place in town to show Lighting In A Bottle - the concert film of the Year Of The Blues. Classic Films, Art Films, Foreign Films, all shown in a great theater.

Cleveland National Air Show
Cleveland hosts one of the country's best air shows every labor day weekend.

Coming Attractions
Do you need some information about an upcoming movie release?
This web site is a great place to look.
Find cast lists, facts, and rumors.

Concert TV
Available via "on demand" cable and satillite - a sampling of the latest (video) music releases.

Cool Cleveland.com
A great monthly e-zine about what and who's hip and cool in the Rock And Roll Capital City....

Currency Converter
What's your salary in Japanese Yen?
What is your car worth in Egyptian Pounds?
How much would your computer cost in Turkish Lira?

Cuyahoga County Public Library
Here in Cuyahoga County we have one of the best public library systems
in the entire state, if not the country. Reserve a book, video, or CD.
Even check and see if you have any items overdue!

Dr. Demento
Yes he's funny... but he's also seasoned musicologist and dedicated scholar (according to his web site). Dr. Demento is the king of comedy radio.

Running Late on 88.3FM

Find RL on Facebook!

Folk Alley
24 Hour Streaming Folk Music of all generations and breeds. Produced by the great Kent folk folks at WKSU (thanks for the cheering section Jim!)

Give Us Your Poor
A great cause to help the homeless, based in Boston and supported by many RL artists.

Very powerful search engine. Now behind Blogger, Gmail and so much more!

GuestWorld provides guest books to over 800,000 web sites
around the world. Guest books let web site "guests" express themselves.

Neal Hamilton
The Amazing Clevelander -
One of the most positive Clevelanders Todd has ever tripped over going to shows. From his work as a photographer for the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, to his wonderful paintings, to his secret life as a (gasp!) Cleveland musician...

A non-profit hearing information source for musicians and music lovers...

The Ideal Copy
Were to find the best - "best of" collection? - right here.
Plus, box set, dvd cd and vinyl single releases....

The Internet Movie Database
Unbelievable! A listing for every actor you can think of.
Plus, listings and info on every TV show and movie ever made!

Intside Musicast
Great interviews of wonderful musicians by musicians.
if you like the interviews on RL - you'll love these too!

Island Time on WBWC
Dennis King spins your favorite island,surf,and beach music. Every Monday night at 10pm.

"Jawbone Radio"
The offical blog site for an independent podcast about life in North East Ohio - and anything else after that!
Host Len P. is an old pal of Todd's and has guested on a few Simple Minds Marathons. He is also the wonderful talent behind - Monster By Mail !

National Public Radio from Los Angeles.
This particular radio station is known for its live performances.
Check out Morning Becomes Eclectic.

Kulack's Woodshed
Live, online streaming music venue from LA.
Kulaks webcasts most nights 8-10p(PST),.
featuring artists of many styles with a multi-camera, great sounding feed.
Running Late artists Shane Fontayne and Stephanie Richards have played there.

Live 8
Twenty years after Live Aid made history - could it be done again? July 2nd 2005. Click here for the latest info on the cause, the DVD(s) and more. Thanks again Bob.

Live Earth
Concerts for a Climate In Crisis - 7/7/07.

Live From Abbey Road
Beautifully shot, and wonderfully mixed performances in the studio-of-all-studios. (Produced by former M1k3 + Th3 M3chan1c Peter Van Hooke!)

Live From The Artist's Den
Great performances from great artists, many times in very special locations. Shown locally on PBS stations.
Many performances are available on demand via podcasts, with links to download outlets as well.

Live From Daryls House
Again, beautifully shot, and wonderfully mixed performances by one-half of Hall & Oates and his guests. The online (!) monthly show is free to watch, with some performances available for purchase.
(Daryl Hall was a guest on RL in January of 2009.)

Love, Hope And Strength
The Alarm's Mike Peters set up this charity after his own battles with cancer. See how you can help the cause!

Janet Macoska
Cleveland-based rock photojournalist Janet Macoska has done some incredible work documenting the events that make our city the Rock And Roll Capital. In the spring of 2004, the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame presented an exhibition of her work It's Always Rock And Roll. She has a great archive and prints for sale here.

"Mountain Stage"
One of the nation's best venue for live music of all genres. Find out more about the West Virgina tradition here.

Did you ever find a continuity error in a movie? Visitors to this web site track those nit picky movie flaws. Some are quite funny.

The Muppets have a very cool web site.
The Sweedish Chef, Fozzie Bear, Dr. Honeydew, Gonzo,
Miss Piggy, and others have their own special pages.

Video killed the radio star.

The One Campaign
Make Poverty History. Period.

Oracle of Bacon
University of Virginia's Deptartment of Computer Science's School of Engineering
has taken the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon and created a great search engine.

You've probably seen A&E and Bravo, but have you see Ovation?

Paste Magazine
Signs Of Life In Music And Culture.
A great magazine following the world of singer-songwriters, movies, television and more!
Be sure to take a listen to the free cd sampler with every issue!. While you're waiting for the next issue to arrive check out Paste Radio for some of your favorite Running Late artists!

Playhouse Square
Cleveland has one of the best theater districts in America.
Now, there's a web site to show it off.
Check out the virtual view seat maps.

Running Late's crew are longstanding PlayStation fans.

Great search engine! Find out where your favorite artist is performing.
See who's coming to town. Plus, music news and gossip.

Search Tour Database by: Artist City Venue

Private Sessions
A&E TV's great interview and performance showcase.

Q Magazine
Great reviews and writing from the UK - check out the amazine sampler CDs...

Radio Hannibal
Todd and Brian's old radio pal John Hannibal continues to dabble in the dj chair - via Live365.com. Check it out when looking for some great listening online!

Record Store Day
Truly an international holiday now - celebrating the importance of the culture surrounding "mom and pop", "brick and mortar" record stores.

(RED) Wire
A weekly music e-zine with proceeds fighting AIDS in Africa.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
The Official web site for the RRHOFM has tons of great stuff.
Brian and Todd were there for the ground breaking and even got to broadcast
live from the original Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Radio Studios
soon after the grand opening in 1995. Todd was part of The 2003
U2 Marathon
, broadcasted live from The Alan Freed Studios
at the hall, directly across from the U2 exhibit: In The Name Of Love:
Two Decades Of U2
. It won't surprise you that Todd's been a member - forever.

Years ago when we started RL, one of the first links here was the Oracle Of Bacon (see above).
Now in 2007, actor/game-namesake Kevin Bacon has created fantastic way to find out about charities,
including raising money for your own. Nice work KB. PS - thanks for Quicksilver...no really!

A performance tradition since 1974, the new volume of Soundstage performances hit the PBS airwaves in the last few years. Be sure to check out the home DVD editions of some of the shows!

Stephanie Richards
Todd's sister Stephanie is a recording artist - check out her tourdates, cds, and other merch here! Plus her new project Sunshine Collective.

Trainwreck Radio
Todd's friend Jim was a part of this great rock trio, that made great soundwaves around Cleveland and Erie, PA.

Tri C Jazz Fest
For over a quarter-century, this springtime tradition has brought the best-of-the-best to Cleveland. From Jazz to Blues and beyond.

Uncut Magazine
Great writing, reviews, and sampler cds from the UK!

The network that gave us Behind The Music has a great web site, and now is that parent site of VH1 Classic, VH1 Mega Hits and VH1 Country!

WAPS 91.3 FM
Check out this great station when driving through Akron.

WBOS 92.3 FM
Radio "powered by music" - WBOS is based in Boston.

WBWC 88.3 FM
The Sting 88.3 FM (home of Running Late)in 2008 - broadcasting for 50 years - WBWC!
Check it out.

WRFA-LP 107.9 FM
"Low Power To The People!" One of the great community stations in W. New York State. WBWC alums support the station, founded by members of 10,000 Maniacs.

"The Future Of Rock And Roll" One of the original "Alternative" stations, now exclusive to the 'net.

WXPN 88.5 FM
WXPN is based in Philadelphia, with group stations all over the eastern part of PA.
Check out their live performance broadcasts, and their most famous export The World Cafe.

WYEP 91.3 FM
WYEP is based in Pittsburgh, and streams it's signal live - check it out!

Year Of The Blues
2003 was officialy the year of one of America's true music generes!