The Fixx
Want That Life: 2003

Todd And Cy Curnin, Vocalist for The FixxTodd And Adam Woods, drummer for The FixxTodd And Jamie West-Oram, guitarist for The Fixx
The Fixx took time after their show @ The Odeon to say hi again to Todd. The band were nice enough to sign autographs for all the fans who asked, along with pictures such as these. (Somehow my grocery reciept became the cool thing to sign as well....) Be sure to check out the new great album Want That Life available on the Rainman label. Also just released: remasters of Shuttered Room, Real Time Stood Still, Happy Landings, and Elemental. Listen for great Fixx music on Running Late
(1) Todd and Fixx vocalist Cy Curnin...(2) Todd with Fixx drummer Adam Woods...(3) Todd says "Buy this album!!!" with Fixx guitarist Jamie West-Oram - Photos by Fixx Fans - 11/17/03)

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