Jonatha Brooke Live!

Jonatha Brooke:Live @  The Ark
Jonatha Brooke signs Todd's cds...
Jonatha Brooke and Todd after the show...Great people, great venue, great music - The Ark in Ann Arbor MI!
Jonatha Brooke put on a fantastic show @ The Ark in Ann Arbor in support of her latest release Back In The Circus. Ms. Brooke was nice enough to sign autographs for all the fans who asked, along with pictures such as these.
Todd was thrilled to have her as a guest on Running Late and to finally see her perform live, having followed her music for 14 years!
Listen for great Jonatha Brooke music on Running Late

(1) The band rocks out the Ark...(2)Todd with Jonatha Brooke, looking on as she signs 14 years of cds!...(thanks JB!)(3) Todd and Jonatha Brooke after the show...(4)Find out more about the Ark in Ann Arbor MI! - Photos by Todd and fellow Jonatha Brooke Fans - 4/1//04)
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