Joe Rohan Walk Along
Live @ Wilberts!

Cleveland musicians Austin Willacy and Joe Rohan
Cleveland musician Joe Rohan and Todd @ Wilberts
Cleveland Singer/Songwriter Joe Rohan played a fantastic opening set at Wilberts ahead of the 4/30/04 Willacy/Sylvester show. Taking tracks from his recent releaseWalk Along as well as some really cool renditions of Johnny Cash's "Ring Of Fire" and Rikki Lee Jones' "The Horses" . After his set, Joe took time to catch Todd up on his activities including: his next album, promoting the Cleveland Music Scene and some other Cleveland artists to look out for.
(1) Before Joe's set, he takes time to visit with Cleveland native, now San Francisco resident Austin Willacy - guys - next time SING together! (2) Joe and Todd just after a quick RL interview along the famous Wilberts Wall. (photos by Todd and the Wilberts gang. 4/30/04)
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