Running Late Photo Gallery #27

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Beware The Gypsies Cleveland Rocks! The Rematch:Buzzard Vs. Sting Jupiter's Darlings
Running Late meets with the Acting US President Scott Holt @ Savannah Sarah McLachlan @ The Gund Ari Hest: Live In Studio
Butterfly Boucher @ The Beachland Fourplay 2004 Vote For Change Tour 04 Anne E. Dechant: In Studio

In this gallery L-R:
Row One: Native Clevelander Don Gonzalez plays Wilberts, Cleveland Rocks with Alexis Antes, Joe Rohan, and Robin Stone,
The Birds And The Bees - MMS Vs WBWC softball..., Heart returns with the new album Jupiter's Darling, a tour and interview with RL!
Row Two: Todd and friends meet the acting President Of The USA...,Bluesman Scott Holt @ Savannah in Westlake...,
Canadian Chantuse Sarah McLachlan @ Gund Arena, Ari Hest live In-studio for RL...
Row Three: Butterfly Boucher @ The Beachland, Fourplay 2004, Vote For Change Tour 2004, and Anne E. Dechant In-studio for RL

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