CMJ Rock Hall Music Fest 05

Running Late 's Todd Richards along with WBWC staffers took part in CMJ Rock Music Fest 2005. 100 bands in 3 days around Cleveland. Todd caught up with previous Running Late guest Ari Hest and his band (who left the House Of Blues crowd cheering for more) . Thanks to the Rock Hall staff for all the help.
(1)Todd, Ari Hest and Sting Staffers Elise, Luca and Allen, (2) Todd "rocks out" on the rock wall @ CMJ Rock Hall Music Festival Village, (3)Todd and artist Brian Fitzgerald @ the WBWC tent on the CMJ Rock Hall Festival Village Radio Row. (photos by fans, Luca, Elise)

Ari Hest and Sting Staff @ HOBTodd on the Rock Wall @ Festival VIllage
Todd @ Festival Village with Brian F.
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