Still shimmerin'

Shawn Mullins & Clay Cook live Shawn Mullins....
The set list with Todd & WBWC! Shawn Mullins & Todd R. or RL
Shawn Mullins played a great set at The Winchester, so good in fact, Todd went to see him play twice in two days! Mr. Mullins played some great songs, and songwriter Clay Cook (who helped a great deal with John Mayer's breakout cd Room For Squares) had some rolling in the isles, and dropping jaws at the solos. Ahead of the show, Mr. Mullins was nice enough to call into RL and talk about his songwriting, his time in the trio The Thorns, and the next album....:)
(1) Shawn Mullins live in The Caberet of Pittsburgh w/Clay Cook... (2) the man himself...., 3) The set list...that's WBWC Mr. Mullins :)...(4) Mr. Mullins and Todd R. of RL after the Winchester show...
(Photos by Todd R., and friends. with thanks to Kip, the WYEP gang, and our Winchester friends.)(2006)
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