In the Afterglow: INXS

Laughing Band Brothers: Kirk Pengilly and Gary Gerry Beers. The fortunate one: JD Fortune of INXS. Got the lick: Tim Farris on Guitar.
Andrew Farris, Jon Farris, and Gary Gerry Beers
INXS played a rockin set at Playhouse Square in 2006. The band rocked a crowd - already at fever pitch with the NBA playoffs in town. Ahead of the show, WBWC featured the band in a 18-hour Summer Marathon (INXSwitch On 88.3), including a live interview with drummer Jon Farris! Mike On-the-mic Lowell did a wonderful job capturing the relaunched band at full strength.
(1)Kirk Pengilly and Gary Garry Beers share a laugh, (2) JD Fortune in poster form! (3) Tim Farris on Suicide Blonde Watch (4) The Backline: Andrew Farris, Jon Farris, Gary Gerry Beers.
(Photos by MLowell.)(5/19/2006)

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