Running Late Photo Gallery #30

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Cindy Rocks - No Bullens! Mr.Score and Todd Hothouse Flowers @ HOB Moonshine
RockStar:INXS - Cleveland by DM Kathy Valentine @ Beachland Ballroom Hi Jane... The Clarks @ HOB
axer and endourser Blinded Warren Zanes Maia Sharp & Todd @ Nighttown

In this gallery L-R:
Row One: Cindy Bullins live @ Wilberts...A Flock Of Seagulls seen at The Winchester...
Happy St. Pats with Hothouse Flowers...North Mississippi All-Stars jam @ HOB
Row Two: INXS plays Cleveland - by Mike Lowell...Kathy Valentine plays out @ The Beachland Ballroom...
Shawn Mullins @ The Winchester...The Clarks return to the HOB.
Row Three: "I Coulda been a contender!"....Thomas Dolby blinds the HOB crowd...Warren Zanes plays his home turf
Maia Sharp wows them @ Nighttown.

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