Blinded by his science

Thomas Dolby wows them at The House Of Blues. Thomas Dolby and Todd R.
Artist and tech guru Thomas Dolby played a rockin set at The House Of Blues, featuring a solo interactive rig that allowed the crowd to see what Mr. Dolby was playing. Even the crowd got to be sampled and featuerd in a song. Ahead of the concert, Mr. Dolby called into running late, to talk about his music, songwriting, technological ideas and advancements, and his varied and wonderful session work (Foreigner!, Def Leppard! and on and on). After the show, Mr. Dolby met up with Todd R. from Running Late, and even signed his Howard The Duck 12" single. Howard, of course is from Cleveland! Fans didn't have to wait to long, a year later Mr. Dolby was back playing The Tangier in Akron.
(1) Thomas Dolby blinding with science, 2) Thomas Dolby and Todd after the show.)
(Photos by Todd R. and fellow fans)(Spring, 2006)
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